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Natural Veg Tan Leather Doggy Leash

Double Dog Attachment
Looking for a high-quality leash for your pup? 

Look no further than our authentic Natural Veg Tan Leather Doggy Leash. This handsome leash is made of top-quality materials and construction, ensuring your doggy will look sharp and stand out from the rest. Plus, the optional Double Dog Attachment makes it easy to take two pups out at once. Whether for a walk in the park or a night on the town, this leash is perfect for any occasion.

5 Feet Long
Available in four styles
    • 6/7 ounce Latigo leather
    • 1 inch width
    • Withstands wet and outdoor conditions
    • No plastic hardware
    • All hardware is solid brass for extra strength and corrosion resistance
    • Double Dog Attachment available to handle two pups with ease