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Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ring

Send your doggy’s need to get those chewies and zoomies out into overdrive with the Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ring. This brightly-colored ring contains a squeaker that is modeled inside, im-paw-ssibly keeping your pup entertained with the noise that drives them crazy. Crafted with durable, easy-to-clean rubber and the ability to bounce around erratically, you’ll be glad to know this grippy toy is just as great in water as it is on land!

7 inch diameter
  • Bounces and zig-zags in an unpredictable way to keep your pup interested
  • Designed with a squeaker that falls inside of the toy instead of out for safety reasons
  • More gentle for your pup’s mouth
  • Optimal for fetching and chasing to your doggy’s content